Thursday, 17 May 2012

An e-reader is like crack cocaine....

... a few years ago you would never have considered having it in your life, but now it is, only death or rehab will part you from it.

Yeah, we know. You love your e-reader. You love it so much you can't stop telling other people how brilliant it is. Here at Kindle Castle we've fallen in love - hook, line and touchscreen - with our e-readers and you'd have to prise them out of our cold, dead hands, before we'd give them up.

In fact we're so obsessed with this brilliant new way of reading that we've dedicated a site to the hidden gems, the uncovered treasure that lurks amongst the sludge of e-books.

We don't do Times top Ten - you can get those in your supermarket. We only do literary feasts fit for a king - and so should you.

Let the treasure-seeking begin.


  1. Sounds wonderful! Can't wait for more!

  2. Funnily enough, Ms Degarmo, you're first up! An interview sheet will be winging its way to you tomorrow.

  3. Great stuff honey lamb. I'm always up for a bit of treasure seeking.

  4. Mein Luftkissenboot ist voller Aale, which is the traditional Bavarian way of saying a hamburger without cheese is a Hamburger, unless he's from Dresden.
    Good luck with finding that ereader treasure Charlotte!!.