Thursday, 16 August 2012

Are you creative? Got what it takes to make a blockbuster?

This month we're giving you a chance to flex your creative muscles.

Taylor Street Publishing are offering an exciting opportunity to come up with a new title for one of their books.

'Casablanca - My Heart' by Hannah Warren is a spellbinding romance set against the glorious backdrop of Morroco. Kathleen Hewtson, Managing Director explains:

"Occasionally a book doesn't take off as we were expecting. In this case we feel that the title may be failing to excite the target audience and as we have such faith in the writing, we've decided to take the unusual step of re-branding and re-launching the book. We are sourcing some beautiful new artwork but we'd like some help with the most important change - the title!"

How do you enter?

"You can download the book with its current name - Casablanca-My Heart - from here for 77 pence, or for a similarly low price from your region's Amazon site. We have also put some of the reviews below, which we feel may help give a feel of the book. Simply suggest a name by commenting on the below post and on Thursday 23rd August, well announce the one we like best!! The winner will receive an acknowledgement in the front of the book, a paperback copy of the book and an Amazon gift voucher for £15."*

Fancy a go? Better get reading - you've only got a week!!

REVIEWS for 'Casablanca - My Heart'

I confess that the title of this book made me think it would be a pleasant but unedifying Mills and Boon style of story. And it is written in present tense throughout, another of my peeves. But Hannah Warren handles this style of writing so skilfully that it felt natural and not intrusive in any way. This is not her first language but, my goodness, she writes far better than many an English native. She employs simple elegant sentences, brings to life places and people, colour, atmosphere and beauty. Even the minor characters feel so real they are there before your eyes, the mark of a truly good writer.
The main character Heather, a successful writer of romance novels, is a woman torn by guilt and pain. She feels it is her fault that her beloved husband, Luuk, lies in a coma after a terrible motor accident. In an effort to get away for a while, she books a cruise to Casablanca and meets there a handsome Persian who, while appearing a bit of a playboy, is very attractive. (Yes, I see Omar Sharif too!) He in turn is determined to meet her and seems to know all about her life and loves. The mystery intrigues and terrifies her.
The characters with their complexities, their needs, their feelings are beautifully fleshed out. It's truly a story with a soul, not a mere amusing romance. In some places reminiscent of a Francoise Sagan novel.


English is not Hannah Warren's first language but this book is written to perfection. Editors play their part of course but they cannot capture the soul of a book. This comes from the author and Hannah has left her soul in this book in my humble opinion.
Just say the name Casablanca and it conjures up the feeling of romance, exotic spices, and hot nights in the Casbah.
As the story opens from Heather's perspective she looks across the dining table on board ship and is aware of Ghalib a Moroccan Prince. A modern day Omah Sharif if you will. So begins the love story.
As the story twists and turns through the years from Ghalib's prospective and then Heather's, we discover how their lives become entwined and how fate finally takes a hand in their lives.
This is not just a wonderful romantic story it has depth of soul and eventually all soul mates come together regardless of where they are in the world.
I loved every moment and was disappointed when I finally read the last page as this reader wanted more.
I thoroughly recommend this captivating story.

Suggestions below - good luck!!

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  1. I find this very exciting indeed. A big thank-you to my publisher Taylor Street Books and thank you all for thinking along!

  2. Hi - I'm looking forward to reading this novel, already have it in my Kindle queue and have read lots of reviews. Can you give us any idea about the tone/feel of the artwork because that will need to integrate with the title. Good luck, Hannah!

  3. People seem to be having difficulties publishing their suggestions so here are a couple I received so far:
    Bev Allen - City of Dreams
    Sheila Mary Taylor
    1. One Night in Casablanca
    2. The Artist's Wife
    3. When Love Beckons
    4. No Greater Gift

    Thanks very much, this is promising already!

    1. First thank you for the inclusion of my review. So how about:

      1. Love in the Casbah
      2. The Prince and the Novelist/Author
      3. Soul mates in love
      4. Casablanca Soul Mates

      I could go on but ....
      Good luck Hannah. xxx

    2. FREE until Monday Sept. 17 at midnight PST

  4. Some great ideas coming in - thanks!!

    With regards to putting up the art work, we'd rather match the art to the title - but we'll let you know as soon as possible.

    Keep the great entries coming in and remember to share on your Twitter and Facebook accounts!

  5. On my website Madeline Dyer suggested:

    Thorn in my Heart

  6. Jacoba Dorothy suggested:
    A Night to Remember
    A Place to Forget
    Holding Onto love
    Lost in Your Memory
    Casablanca Secrets

  7. Tom Winton suggested:
    An Uncertain Voyage
    Unexpected Complications
    Sailing to Uncertainty
    Flirting with Uncertainty
    Confusion in Casablanca
    Casablanca Bound (a double meaning)
    Sailing to Trouble.

  8. Hi Hannah,

    My twitter account has frozen me out so I can't respond at the moment. Isn't technology a wonderful thing? (Yeah when it works) Will give it some thought and when the little grey cells (fewer every day) come up with anything I'll pop in a few suggestions.

    Mackenzie Brown :)

  9. Mackenzie Brown suggested Heart in Chains

  10. Two own suggestions:

    Mosaic Lives
    Come Back to Casablanca

  11. My suggestions are:

    1)From The Soul comes Love.
    2)The Love Within.
    3)Woven with Love.
    4)Casablanca Fate.

  12. Charlotte Castle suggested:

    Casablanca Souls

    Souls of the Souk

    Spices of the Soul

  13. Lisa Scullard suggested:
    Angels in the Sand; Casablanca Crossing; Desert of Destiny; Mirage of Hope

  14. Sarah DiCello suggested:
    Keeping Secrets, Unexpectedly You, Accidental Love, Finding Casablanca

  15. David Makinson suggested:

    Casablanca Spice

    The Spice of Life

  16. Keep them coming guys - some great ideas going in the pot.

    Somebody mentioned a mirage, which I thought was a nice idea as it taps into both the desert theme and also the sense of unreality and mystery that the protaganist is feeling.

    Mirage of the Heart?

  17. Unlucky heather?
    Spice of life and love
    cruise to fate

  18. Aww yeah, time to be the next Rowling!